Payroll & Tax Administration

Processing payroll can be a difficult and time-consuming task. Leverage the power of our HR and payroll experience to save time, increase profits, and enhance employee satisfaction. Whether it’s paying yourself as an owner, keeping up with your employee’s vacation time, or sending payment to sub-contractors, Halifax Benefits payroll specialists are here to accomplish the task.

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User-Friendly Client Portal

We have a user-friendly client portal that we customize to fit your needs. Employees and managers can login and verify important information, pull paystubs, and save important documents to employee profiles.

Tax Calculations & Withholdings

We calculate the tax withholdings, make federal and state deposits, and direct deposit net pay checks to each employee’s bank account.

Quarterly & Year-End Filings

We file both the quarterly tax returns and all W-2’s and 1099’s at year end.

“Payroll can be such a burden for small companies to try to make sure all reporting is done correctly and on time. Working with Halifax Benefits has lifted that burden and made payroll a breeze.”

Melissa, CPA
(Accounting Industry)

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