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Growing businesses understand the importance of providing their teams with meaningful benefits. Halifax Benefits provides the suite of benefits you need to attract and retain top talent.

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Customized Plans

As a PEO we provide access to top of the line health care plans and carriers. We’re not here to limit your options, especially when it comes to what matters most. We’re a team, here at Halifax Benefits we help you find a plan that fits what you and your employees need.

As a partner with us we provide an online enrollment experience, insurance guidance, compliance and legislation support, and claims analytics.

Retirement Planning

Millions of Americans are working without access to retirement plans. Having a 401(k) not only sets you up for success but helps with employee acquisition and retention. A 401(K) plan can be an inexpensive way to show your employees that you are invested in them. Partnering with us means that setting up a 401(k) is much easier and more affordable because we have the experts on hand.

At Halifax Benefits we provide flexible investment options, individual access to an employee portal, and flexible matching and inclusion options.

Helping You Attract Talent

As a company of HR professionals, we are here to help you attract and maintain employees. Implementing and tracking employee benefits such as paid time off, vacation and sick pay are just a few of the items we can help you manage. Do you have a question on employee benefits? Contact us and we’ll provide you with customized options.

“I’ve been with Halifax Benefits for over 15 years. Customer service, attention to details, outstanding value, and sound advice has been keeping me coming back. Thanks Halifax!”

Devin, VP Sales
(Solar Energy Industry)

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